Are you a Media Sales Ninja?

Much has changed in the local media sales industry over the past 10 years. Today's Local Media Sales Reps are expected to sell more and more complex Marketing Solutions in the same 40 hour week. The Most Successful Local Media Reps are the ones who can adapt and grow in this fast-paced, ever-changing digital sales ecosystem.

And... The Best Reps are the ones who don't fall prey to the "Digital Info Overload." They stay focused on their clients' needs. They KNOW their digital and legacy media capabilities. And they understand how to position unique digital solutions and services to their clients. They instinctively know how to Advance the Sales Cycle with current clients and new prospects. And... they know how to create an effective Client Marketing Solution with just the right mix of digital media and legacy media.

Welcome to the Brave New World of the Media Sales Ninja. Sales Ninjas are resourceful, nimble, vigilant, and FAST. They Advance the Sales Cycle with ease, agility, and grace. The Media Sales Ninja embraces change in this fast-paced, ever-changing media sales environment. And they KNOW how to get MORE done with less. If you are a GSM or GM, you know who I am talking about... You can easily identify the Sales Ninjas on your team. Do you want a few more Sales Ninjas on your team?

If you are a sales rep at a local TV or Radio station, here's the BIG QUESTION for you: Are you a Media Sales Ninja?

Sales 101: A Model of Success

A little inspirational sales video that all Sales Ninjas can appreciate...

Great Models of Success from one of the best Sellers of ALL TIME! Tommy Boy...

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Sales 101: The Pre-Game Speech

If you ever feel down, and need a little "pick-me-up" then this video will do the trick!

After watching this video, you will be ready for a serious day of cold-calls! Any Given Sunday...

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Digital Sales Strategy

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Your Reps will be able to Create the RIGHT SOLUTION for their clients...

"Road Warrior" Access

Anything Anywhere Anytime

Keep it Simple

This is NOT Rocket Science

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