Sales Cloud

the HTML5 Sales Library

Advertising Sales Reps are always getting lost searching for the latest presentations, onesheets and sales materials on the Network Sales Drive.

How many hours are wasted each week searching for important sales resources, presentations and video on the "local" network at the office? Time is limited, and Media Sales Reps need to have quick, efficient access to their Sales Materials to get the job done...

How much time would your sales reps save if they could get ANY sales materials they need - ANYWHERE - ANYTIME - ON ANY DEVICE? Sales Cloud is a very simple HTML5 cloud-based solution that integrates with Microsoft Office on your pc or laptop, and it liberates your team from that messy Network Sales Drive.

Have you ever met with a client, in their office, or off-site, away from the station, and during the meeting, you realize that you need to share an important piece of information? Maybe it's a simple onesheet or Ratecard? Or maybe... you just need to play a quick video, or sample commercial for the client?

Now, imagine if you could get to those important sales materials in just 2 taps on your smart phone or tablet... With Sales Cloud, your reps can quickly and efficiently Advance the Sales Cycle with Mobile Technology.

Jeff Stovkis, Director of Digital Strategy at Ogilvy & Mather, quoting a 2010 survey by The Yankee Group, in 2012, wrote in his whitepaper on Mobile Technology:

"A recent study by the Yankee Group of 2,400 workers in the US found significant benefits from the use of mobile devices. They found that sales reps spend less time on administrative tasks and more face time with existing and prospective customers, while companies spend less money on printed sales materials, mailing and delivery costs, and antiquated, paper-based record-keeping processes."

Written in the latest, most advanced and secure HTML5 framework, Sales Cloud makes it possible for Media Sales Reps to easily access any and all Sales Materials on the road.

How can Sales Cloud help your team?

  • Access to all sales materials ANYTIME ANYWHERE on ANY DEVICE
  • Works with all file types, including: PowerPoint, PDFs, Video
  • Easily email secure files and hyperlinks from the library to clients
  • Use the Search Engine to find anything you need
  • Save more time for your Sales Reps and create more time for them to SELL
  • Quickly & Securely, access all of their sales materials on mobile devices
  • Share PowerPoints, PDFs, Videos on iPad and iPhone
  • Easily email and share secure files and links to clients from mobile device
  • Save time, and simply be more efficient in the field
  • Present and Sell with tablets

Specifically Designed and Developed for Local Media Advertising Sales Reps, Sales Cloud will make life So Much Better for your Team.

Sales Cloud helps Sellers be More Productive, More Efficient and More Successful!

And Best of All....Sales Cloud Will Make MORE MONEY for your station!

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