6 Minute Seller

The Client Marketing Solution is NOT Rocket Science...

Do your Local Sales Reps efficiently advance the sales cycle with their clients and new prospects? Do your Reps create high-quality Client-Focused Solutions? Or, do they just grab a pile of one sheets on their way out the door to the sales call?

Today's TV & Radio Sales Reps have so much on their plates already, and they need more time in the day to get the job done RIGHT.

Arm and equip your Media Sales Reps with 6 Minute Seller for PowerPoint. Launch the cloud-based app, and build your client focused solution in just a few short clicks.

Advance the Sales Cycle with confidence, and create the client marketing solution with the 5 basic sales slides:

  • Cover Slide
  • Introduction Slide
  • Needs Analysis
  • Target Audience
  • Closing Summary

Media Sales Reps, now more than ever, feel the pressures and stress of hitting budget, selling many different platforms and products, selling fast, and closing the deal. And, unfortunately, many sales reps get into "Crisis Management Mode" and they often rely on shortcuts to get the job done.

Sometimes, shortcuts work for the Sales Rep, and it is just easier to grab a stack of "outdated, pre-printed sales onesheets" on their way out the door to the Client meeting. But we all know that this is not the model of sales success.

With 6 Minte Seller, your Local Media Sales Reps will maximize their time, create and close more digital and multiplatform deals, and stay focused on developing new clients.

It's Simple:

6 Minute Seller will create MORE TIME for your Sellers, and MORE MONEY for your media property!

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