Create the RIGHT Advertising & Marketing Strategy for your clients - And do it with BLAZING SPEED...

Not all Local Advertisers and New Biz Prospects are the same... And we certainly know that not all Local TV Sales Reps, and Client Focused Presentations are the same...

Many new local direct prospects do not need long, complex advertising schedules, charts and reach-frequency graphs to make a decision. Many clients just need to see a simple spot schedule, the digital media strategy, and the total investment.

It may be hard to believe, but there are several local advertisers and new biz prospects, out there in the market, who don't give a "flying-rip" about ratings, cpps, reach and frequency, and all that fun stuff. With SellerPoint, your local sales reps can QUICKLY build a simple spot schedule, calendar and digital marketing solution for their client in just a few mouse clicks.

In today's fast-paced local media sales environment, local sales reps need to Advance the Sales Cycle faster than ever, and be more efficient and productive. When building the marketing solution for that new prospect (like a car dealer, or local furniture store) sometimes the rep just needs to keep the client solution short and sweet, and whip up a the solution...

SellerPoint has several benefits:

  • More control over the schedule
  • Integrate Digital and TV solution on 1 slide
  • Less complexity of traditional avails systems
  • SellerPoint KEEPS it SIMPLE
  • Built to work in PowerPoint
  • Classic linear grids and Conceptual basic layouts
  • Simple Program Schedule Calendars in PowerPoint
  • More generic monthly packages for flexible solutions
  • Simple, Efficient, and Fast!
  • A "Down & Dirty Git R Dun" solution...

A SellerPoint Solution in PowerPoint is Perfect for New Local Direct prospects who are not very media-savvy.

Don't be AFRAID... It's OKAY... Your Client Solution does not always have to be 20 pages.

It's not a bad thing to keep the soluton SIMPLE...Less is More...

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